Calhan, Colorado

Map of the Calhan Area Calhan is "the highest unincorporated non-mountain town in North America". It lies in El Paso County east of Colorado Springs on highway 24 at an elevation of 6,508 feet(many outcroppings to the south and west have an elevation in excess of 7,000 feet). In 1892 the population was 25, today it is over 1000. Eli Woodring is given credit with starting the town and was its first mayor. His homestead included much of the original town site. McClaskey and Lemesany families trace some of their heritage to this founder.   Calhan is just west of the "Pinery" or the extension of the Black Forest.

Calhan was founded in 1888 as a water station for the Rock Island railroad near the Big Sandy drainage. It was named for Michael Calahan who was the contractor for the Rock Island rail building. The third "a" was later dropped. The predecessor to this settlement was the Big Sandy post office on the Big Sandy Ranch(4 miles North of Calhan) owned by Julian Gammon. The next post office(OZ) to the East was on another Gammon ranch on the Big Sandy Creek (presently on the Larry & Darlene Mikita ranch) near current site of Ramah.

Calhan and Ramah both have large Slovak communities.


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