The Name and Origin

The name Trojanovich has evolved from the original name Trojanovič. If Trojanovič was the original name it would have been changed to Trojanovitze or Trojanovitse (according to Nick Benyo, Secaucus N.J.). He believes the original name may have been Trojanovic or Trojanovics (the Hungarian spelling). He believes the root word "Trojan" means "triplet" and may be the origin of the name. The ending "vich" or "vice" or "vitz" may mean "son of". The ancestors are from Austria-Hungary or today's Slovak Republic. According to Kathleen Ruth Troyan Davis of Wood River Il., her grandfather's name was Jan/Janos/Janku/John Trojanovič and her aunt Katherine Margaret Trojanovic's (daughter of John)name was changed to Troyanovich during the immigration process. Her own name was shortened to Troyan as was her brother's, John David.

It is interesting to note that there is a village Trojanovice South of Ostrava and South of Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic near the Slovak border. Nick Benyo believes this to be a coincidence however because his studies of villages in those areas back to 1700 indicated no Slovak connections to that Moravian area. We are not so sure and remain unconvinced of this.

There is also a village Lemešany South of Prešov in the Slovak Republic. Lemesany was the married name of Anna Trojanovich daughter of Matt and Mary. Members of the Lemesany families here in the U.S. have visited that village, most recently in June of 2006.

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