Highlights of the 1999 Picnic  July 2-3, 1999

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Special thanks to Steve & Rita Evanoika for the hall preparations, Dell and Judy Wach for beverages, Gladys for our 4th of July Happy Birthday, Dora for our dedication, and everyone for their good cheer.

The Trojanovich family has hosted annual 4th of July picnics for over 25 years and most recently at the William Trojanovich ranch/farm. The picnic emphasizes the importance of family ties and includes,weekend camping,evening singing gatherings,dancing,religious celebration,walks,heritage sharing,large community picnic (barbecue and drinks),hayrack rides and July 4 games and celebration.

This year 1999, the reunion will be held Fri-Saturday July 2-3 at St. Mary's Community Hall (5 miles north of Calhan). This year, we'll review the decades of the 20th century. Each decade will be visited during the two days of fun. This will include reviewing old film, slides, pictures and albums, singing and dancing.

Gather Friday afternoon to greet old and new. Our large meal will be Friday evening this year. We'll wake bright and early for breakfast on Saturday morning and will meet again for a light lunch that afternoon. Sunday is a return to families, church and Fourth of July fireworks. As always, friends and relatives are invited.


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The William Trojanovich Jr. family (Boulder/Calhan) may be contacted at email address: trojanovichwebsite@trojanovich.com(note, recently changed)