Highlights of the 2000 Picnic June 30 - July 1, 2000

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Special thanks to Steve & Rita for the hall preparations, Ruby for the prizes, Dora for the nametags, Lowell for the flyers, Bill for the barbecue, Dell and Judy Wach for beverages, Rob for the scavenger hunt, and Gladi for the dedication.

The Trojanovich family has hosted annual 4th of July picnics for over 25 years- this year at the American Legion Hall (the old dancehall) in Ramah Colorado. The picnic emphasized our extended family 'web' and our ability to communicate and stay in touch even over long distances. Those who weren't able to make it, the pictures below are for you! Click on a photo to see the larger (and correctly proportioned) picture. Email trojanovichwebsite@trojanovich.com if you have a photo that you would like posted.


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The William Trojanovich Jr. family (Boulder/Calhan) may be contacted at email address: trojanovichwebsite@trojanovich.com(note, recently changed)