2014 Trojanovich Family Picnic
Theme: Picnic

Come one come all to the annual Trojanovich Family Picnic.
We're celebrating our Family, our Country, our Heritage.

Saturday, July 12th. One day only!

St. Mary's Orthodox Hall
North Calhan Highway, Calhan, CO
About St Mary's

  • 10:30am - 4:30pm
  • Pot Luck Lunch - 11:30am
  • Games to follow
What to do:
  • Family time - stories, conversation. Catch up with your family and friends.
  • Games - We got em! Bring your own out door games as well.
  • Remember to wear your family color!. Can't remember what it is? Check the family tree. Don't have a family color, no problem!

What to bring:
  • A dish to share for lunch
  • Drinks to share
  • Bring outdoor games, musical instruments, your sense of humor, themed outfit, and anything else that occurs to you.
  • Photos of your family that we can keep.

  • Be sure to pack a few extra dollars. We'll be passing the hat to help pay for the hall, mailings and other normal expenses.


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The William Trojanovich Jr. family (Boulder/Calhan) may be contacted at email address: info@trojanovich.com