St. Mary's Orthodox Church

St. Mary's Orthodox Church Long known as Saint Mary's Orthodox Church, the name now used is St. Mary's Holy Dormition Orthodox Church. Father Lawrence Gaudreau (Feb 2004) is the rector. The phone number is 719-347-2526.

In 1904 the Slovak people North of Calhan met to build a church. Two acres of land were donated by Matt and Mary Trojanovich on the highest hill of the original homestead. The church was built on July 28, 1905. It became a labor of love for all the people of Calhan regardless of church affiliation. It served well for many years until 1927 when it was destroyed by fire. Two efforts to rebuild resulted in a church at the present site of active church on land donated by Andrew and Katherine Trojanovich and a second church down the nearby hill. It soon became evident that two church communities could not exist economically so close together and later the parish was once again united into "one family" in 1932.

Numerous priests have served at St. Mary's over the years, notably: Fathers Ina, Grishan, Zaharkov, Semashko, Deliman, Gratcheff, Hicha, Fedec and Dotson. Father Paul Fedec served the longest from 1956-1992.

The "Rosemarie Club" has over the years faithfully and lovingly cared for the church and hall. The two churches are Colorado landmarks, especially the "brown church" on the hill.

Saint Mary's Community Hall

5 miles North of Calhan and adjacent to the church is the heartbeat of Slovak community activity. Among its many uses are sunday school, community dances, wedding celebration, funeral celebration, dinners and luncheons, auctions, community meetings and religious celebration such as Saints Peter & Paul and Assumption. In recent years, the annual Slavik Festtakes place there - a celebration of heritage, music and dance, food, goods and friends.

The original church hall was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in 1957 entirely through the labor of families and friends.


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