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William & Marie Trojanovich Family Tree


William Trojanovich Donald Trojanovich David Trojanovich Cory & Josh
Marie Marian Kobilan Sandra Wagoner Patty Trojanovich
Shelly Ann Trojanovich Sean
Tim ____
William Trojanovich Anmarie Trojanovich
Irene Hudy
Christopher Andrew Trojanovich
Matthew John Trojanovich
Sandra Joyce Trojanovich Brian & Robin Vallier
Gordon Vallier Erika & Rick Shepard
Sharon Mae Trojanovich John W. Sleeper
John Sleeper

Michael & Annette Trojanovich Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Michael Trojanovich Dolores Trojanovich Kenneth Kraft Jr.
Annette Vanna Kenneth Kraft Kathy Kraft Steve McFarland Kathy & Steve's children
Maryanne Trojanovich Michael Parks Bill Parks Bill Parks Jr.
Darlene Trojanovich Dora Mikita Rob & Dora's children
Larry Mikita Lori Mikita Lori's children
Gladys Trojanovich Keri Glaser
Edwin Glaser Angie Glaser      
    Eddie II, Glaser      
    John Glaser      
Charlene Trojanovich Smith Ron Smith Chris Smith
Paul _____ Pam Smith

Tony & Lorena Trojanovich Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Anthony Trojanovich Rita Trojanovich
Lorena Evelyn Lanning Steve Evanoika Melanie
Steven Evanoika
Judy Trojanovich
Del Wach
Joe & Lori Wach
Hans & Stephanie
Rick Trojanovich
Rachel TrojanovichSam Trojanovich
Beth Trojanovich

Steve & Anna Trojanovich Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Steve M. Trojanovich Dianne Trojanovich Gantz    
Ann Mae Eurich Doreen Trojanovich    

Anna & Andrew Lemesany Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Andrew Lemesany William Lemesany
Anne Trojanovich Lemesany Lucille Bannister Peter Bannister Paul Bannister
Louise Balsick Raymond Balsick Alan Balsick Penny Balsick Copeland
Richard Lemesany Lowell Lemesany

Matt & Sophie Trojanovich Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Matt Trojanovich Jr. Patricia Trojanovich Brickill John Brickill
Sophie Boyko Trojanovich Vonnie Trojanovich Smith Dean Smith

George & Helen Trojanovich Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

George Trojanovich
Candace Lynne O'SheaAmber Lynn O'SheaShane James O'Shea
Lillian & Earnest Reyfield Ernest Reyfield
Helen Hlatki Trojanovich Geri Trojanovich Yowell Ivan Yowell David Lee Yowell Connie Lou Yowell Jimmy Dean Yowell

Mary & John Hrinek Family Tree

Lineage - Under Construction!

Mary Trojanovich Hrinek Marie Hrinek Browning Bill Browning
John Hrinek Elsie Hrinek Collins Ed Collins Tony Hrinek
John Hrinek Margie Zalia Hrinek


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